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Boilers and Hot water Systems

Boilers  Systems

Nowadays, central heating systems are a requirement of every house. For central heating, boilers and hot water heating systems are in demand. To ensure your home is warm and cozy during extreme weather conditions, your central heating system must work properly. You can trust Arpi’s expert plumber when it comes to repairing and maintaining boilers. Also, replacement of the boiler requires expertise.

If you are planning to install a boiler for your home or workspace, there are few things which you should keep in mind. Firstly, you have to find an experienced contractor to install the boiler. It will ensure the durability and excellent performance of boilers throughout the year. If it is installed correctly at first place, you don’t have to spend your money on repairs and maintenance before time.
Combination boilers

These boilers are also known as combi boilers. As its name shows that it is a combination of two features. Its functions work separately, the heated water circulating the house to keep it warm is individually known as ‘space heating’. Similarly, the hot water which runs through the taps is a separate function known as ‘water heating’. Not only does it serve the purpose of making your house cozy and comfortable but also fulfills your hot water needs. If your combination boiler is not working correctly, then Arpi’s is there to help you. All you have to do is contact them and they will handle the rest.

Water and Steam Boilers

In water heaters, the burner heats the water to a specific temperature that is not more than 200F. On the other hand in steam boilers, the pool is heated to boiling point, and then the steam is pushed through pipes to make rooms warm. Water or hydronic boilers need more water than steam ones. To keep these boilers working requires proper maintenance, cleaning to tubes, etc. For such issues you can trust Arpi’s experts, they are available for any help relating boiler whether they are water heaters or steam ones.
Boiler Services

If you are living in Calgary and want any service regarding your boiler, you can call for Arpi’s expert team’s help. Arpi’s boiler services include:
Residential Boilers & Commercial Boiler Service

A cozy environment and hot water in winters is something everyone needs. If you want to get boilers installed at your home or workplace, Arpi’s can help you choose the best option you can have for your place as per your requirements and budget. In case you already have water heating and boiler system at your home, then we can help you in the maintenance of that system. You can have these heating systems according to your customized needs.
Boiler Inspection

It is essential to get your boilers inspected so that you can relax in that cozy environment without any worries. Boiler failures can double the cost for you, and it will not only damage the boiler itself also the property and other equipment. Therefore, proper and regular inspection is essential to prevent such situations. Arpi’s expert team can do the routine inspection of the boiler so that it can function efficiently.

Boiler Maintenance

Proper maintenance of boilers can significantly save your energy bills. The main reason behind boiler failures is improper maintenance which can lead to severe damage to the building and other stuff. At Arpi’s we do maintenance for any residential or commercial boilers which includes high-efficiency condensing boiler to mid-efficiency boilers. Our emergency helpline works 24/7 to provide our customers with best services.

Boiler Cleaning

Boiler cleaning is essential for maintenance of the boiler to keep it efficient. After some time of usage, boilers start to buildup deposits on certain parts which must be cleaned correctly and in time. This process requires a professional whether it is a residential boiler or commercial boiler. At Arpi’s you will find a team well versed in the technicalities of such job. By cleaning a boiler, you can increase the efficiency of the boiler by 1 to 4%.
Boiler Controls

Boiler controls make the boilers more effective as they can monitor the steam and hot water line continuously. It can help determine the fuel input which is required. It not only optimizes the fuel consumption but also reduces the risk of explosion.
Boiler Repair
 experts can repair any boiler whether it is a condensing boiler or non-condensing boiler. Proper repairing and maintenance can help you prevent from any hazardous situation that can ultimately lead to costs at least double the price of your boiler. Getting repairing service during the fall season is your first step towards the safety of you and your loved ones. Early the problem is detected, lesser time it would take to repair the issued part and also it will cost less.
Boiler Replacement
 can help you figure out which boiler system can be a good choice according to your budget and lifestyle. When replacing a boiler, you must choose a boiler which is more efficient and performs well according to your requirements. Arpi’s can install a brand new boiler from any of the brands listed below:

· IBC Boilers

· Viessman Boiler

· Super-Hot

· NTI Boilers

· Buderus Boilers

· LAARS Boilers

· Lochinvar Boilers

· Well-McLain Boilers
Boiler Installation

If not done correctly, boiler installation can cause you a lot of trouble later on. It can affect the durability and efficiency of the boiler. Therefore it is crucial a qualified person should install a boiler. Arpi’s can help you in installing the boiler whether it is for your home or your workplace. Arpi’s does not only fix it but can also help you in making the right decision when it comes to selecting from so many options of boilers.
Swimming Pool Boiler Repairs

At Arpi’s we also do swimming pool boiler repairs. Our quick responses to emergency and our technical team are what makes us quality service providers in Calgary. Swimming pool heaters are the most complicated part of your pool, and it can be dangerous especially when they need to be repaired. Only qualified and experienced personnel should handle this situation. So if you need fixing services in time, you can go for Arpi’s.
Emergency Boiler Repair

If there is leakage in a boiler or you notice any other thing which is not right about your boiler you can call Arpi’s emergency helpline which is working 24/7 for its customers. Our expert plumbers are always ready for such situations.
Benefits of Having Boiler Repair Service:

There is no doubt that you will have a peace of mind when you get your boiler repaired and maintained by a professional. You can enjoy a warm and cozy environment in your home throughout the winters without any problems caused by the boiler. Other benefits you can achieve by the timely and proper maintenance of your boiler include:
· Saves Energy

If you keep your boiler maintained properly, it can help you prevent a congregation of possible concerns that can make it hard for boiler to work properly. Leakage, the buildup of residue in the water tank, dirt in burners, and rust can wear away its energy efficiency. A boiler operating at its highest efficiency will ultimately use lesser energy in heating your home, which can significantly save money.

· Rarer Breakdowns

Precautionary maintenance can make it easier for the technician to find any emerging issues which can cause serious problems later on. You can get that emerging problem fixed before it can lead to equipment breakdown and loss of the heat in your home during the cold of winter. Also, if you will get your boiler maintained before winter, it will cost you less rather than if you do so during winters. In case you choose to not get it maintained and inspected timely, you might face severe consequences such as heavy repairing cost, untimely equipment failure, and costly replacement.
· Prevention from detrimental consequences

We often hear prevention is better than cure. This situation also applies here: properly maintaining your boiler is essential for keeping you and your loved ones safe from any detrimental consequences. Early (before winters) checkups of the boiler can help you from these possible detrimental issues which will not only cause you trouble but also can lead to costly replacement.
· Increase durability and performance

Having a maintenance appointment with an expert during fall season gives you more time to check every part of the boiler with care and test its functionality. This detailed inspection and maintenance can ensure durability and performance. Also, you will be more confident about having an uninterrupted warm and cozy home throughout the cold winter season.
 have a team of professionals continuously working for providing its customers with high-quality repair and maintenance service in Calgary. You can hire a professional from Arpi’s group to talk about any issues regarding boilers. We provide services as mentioned above with 24/7 working helpline so that you can get your repairing services in emergencies like leakage, flooding, etc.


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